1. Remove the plastic foil 


2. Press the tattoo on your skin face down 


3. Cover the tattoo with wet cloth or sponge & allow paper to absorb the water 

 Wait for about 30-40 seconds.


4.Congrats, you did it!

You have the most realistic temporary tattoo in the market! :)



how to apply temporary tattoo graphic


How to apply temporary tattoo?


1. Peel the plastic foil
2. Put the tattoo on your skin
3. Cover the tattoo with wet cloth and wait 30 seconds
4. Remove the paper - that's it!

Bonus tip - ALWAYS allow your tattoo to dry to maximize its lifespan.



How do I remove temporary tattoo?


1. Apply generous amount of baby oil or alcohol on to your tattoo
2. Wait for about 20 seconds to allow your tattoo to absorb the oil/alcohol
3. Gently rub with cotton pads until removed

Note - Our tattoos are professional grade quality and need a bit of time to take of, be patient ;)


Removing Face Tattoos 

1. DO NOT use alcohol or OIL to remove face tattoos! Use tap water and gently rub tattoos with your finger until they fall off.
2. Use common sense and be careful not to let any removed tattoo bits in your eyes or mouth
3. To sum up -
Face tattoos come off easier than regular body tattoos, so just be patient and only use WATER when removing your face tattoo


Professional make-up artists tips & tricks


1. Always allow your tattoo to dry after applying
2. To maximize lifespan of your tattoo try to avoid chafing and rubbing your tattoo
3. Skin must be clean,hairless & oil-free for best results
4. Always pick body parts where your skin don't crease much so your tattoo lasts longer (forearm for example)
5. Temporary tattoo designs are always reversed, don't let this freak you out :)
6. Use TRANSLUCENT powder to nullify the shine of the tattoo.


Warnings & Liability Disclaimer


First of all enjoy your tattoo! :)
Use these advices and follow common sense when applying tattoos.
Do not apply near the eyes, mouth, or sensitive areas.
Do not ingest.
If redness or rashing appears discontinue the use.

The adhesive material on these tattoos has been tested by the manufacturer to be medical grade, latex-free, and hypoallergenic, however, use at your own risk.

We never heard of anyone having any skin issues with the tattoos, however if it were to happen we are not responsible in any way.



Best Placement for a Temporary Tattoo



Please understand that some body parts are better for your tattoo than others. 

If you apply your tattoo on body parts that sweat a lot, move a lot, or are in contact with your clothing that will decrease lifespan of your tattoo!

Here is a simple list to guide you :

1. BEST BODY PARTS FOR A TATTOO (will last longer)

Forearm, Shoulder, Biceps, Back, Chest, Calf, Thigh

2. NOT SO GOOD BODY PARTS (will last shorter)

Collarbone, Neck, Feet, Fingers, Stomach, Face


Bear in mind that smaller tattoos tend to last a lot shorter than the larger ones.

Small tattoo - 1-2 days
Medium & Large tattoo - 3-14 days