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Skull With an Indian Headdress Tattoo



Striking. Attention grabbing. Spiritual. Those are some of the adjectives that are used to describe tattoos featuring skulls wearing a traditional (or non-traditional) headdress. Such designs are popular with all genders, for the design can be wholly simplistic or as complex as you desire. With the most intricately detailed section would be the headdress, you can add colors, make it monochrome, adorn it with beads, bones, weapons, patterns, and so much more.

Common symbols associated with Indian skull tattoos include power, respect, pride, leadership, loyalty, accomplishment, and heritage.















Monochrome Indian Skull Tattoo



Though no color is used in the non-colored (BW) version of this tattoo, there is an air of strength and power. The darker the skull, the more menacing it looks, so for those who are looking for a tattoo style with impact, you might consider a black skull with white features. Furthermore, as you seen in the example pictures, shading, heavier lines, and angles can create a truly stunning design.

Another way to create pop is to have the background of the Indian skull a different color. A black background is excellent for making contrast between white bone and feathers.

But there’s no denying how awesome a blood red background looks too.

















indian skull headdress









Focus on the Headdress




Where some people might want the skull to be the most detailed section of the tattoo, those looking for more color or style may opt for highly detailed plumage. In Indian lore, the larger the features on the headdress, the greater power the warrior held—so you can use that for inspiration. Whether the headdress is turned to the side or seen straight on, the way you choose to have the feathers designed can alter the mood of the tattoo completely. For example, the feathers can be less traditional, done in a watercolor style, be paired with other adornments, or in some cases, not look like feathers at all.


















skull headdress tattoo














Tomahawks, spears, knives, guns, bows and arrows can also accompany the Indian skull and headdress. Axes (tomahawks) decorated with feathers and beads are often seen crossed beneath the skull, becoming an alternative skull-and-crossbones design that is eye-catching and unique.






















Depending on the spread of the feathers and angling of the skull, you can put this kind of tattoo anywhere on your body. The popular placements include the shoulder, chest, back, thighs, and ribcage. For women, a tasteful placement is on the upper thigh, with the headdress flaring open towards the hips and back.

As always be careful when choosing the design of the tattoo so that you don’t disrespect Indian culture and community.