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ūüĎ®‚Äćūüć≥¬†Going Into Carmy's Tattoos in Detail

If you are a fan of the great TV show featuring dynamic life of Carmen Berzatto aka "Carmy" you may have noticed his, lets say, pretty unique tattoos and you may be wondering what they mean! Well we are here to shed some light on it!

Carmy notably sports many tattoos that are related to his work and some are plain clever with their meaning interplaying with Carmy's professional & personal life.


carmy tattoos cosplay

Knife Piercing Hand Tattoo

This super unique tattoo may be best possibly explained by Carmen's relationship with his work - "No Pain No Gain". It bears numerous meanings like his sudden return back home (can be interpreted like sharp change, piercing through his dream of being high flying Chef), deep family trauma & love for his work all interconnecting and following him through his life.


carmy knife piercing tattoo

773 Tattoo

The 773 tattoo represents Carmy's neighbourhood zip code area number which he holds dear as a place he came out of. It may have been his first tattoo as it is featured in prominent place on the arm and it is quite large.

carmy 773 tattoo meaning

Angels Holding The Sun

One of the early but perhaps the deepest tattoo Carmy has is tattoo of two angels reaching towards the Sun. Carmy got this tattoo while his brother was still alive and it represents his sister & brother and his love towards them.

carmy angels tattoo



Really cool tattoo of Carmy's is this Pyrex with the world globe in it. It is representing his love and dedication to being a Chef and that means a world to him! Pretty clever huh?

carmy pyrex tattoo



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Live Fast Snail Tattoo

Somewhat cute tattoo of a snail with the "Live Fast" underneath is probably the tattoo Carmy got when he left Chicago to work as a fine dining Chef and its dynamic, almost hectic environment.

carmy snail tattoo

SOU Finger Tattoos & Rose Tattoo

SOU Tattoo that Carmy got tattooed on his fingers actually means Sense of Urgency! Carmy probably got this tattoo as a constant reminder of what it takes to be a great Chef and a leader.

Along with this we got his Rose tattoo which he probably got for aesthetic reasons,

sou carmy finger tattoos



Grim Reaper & Whiskey 

Supercool tattoo of Grim Reaper holding hands with a bottle of Whiskey is somewhat of a contradictory tattoo (as is Carmy's persona). Meaning of it is open to interpretation but it is probably his awareness of alcohol influence on his life and paradoxically shortness of life as well.

carmy whiskey bottle grim reaper tattoo


Fish Tattoo

Fish Tattoo might represent Carmy's fondness of Salmon Gravlax and his acceptance of fluidity of life after all of his struggles.

carmy fish tattoo

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Carmy's tattoos are complex as he and we can safely say, his life is! Unique tattoos are representation of his character, struggles and family & professional life!

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