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Lips kiss tattoos are so in trend these days



There are plenty of reasons as to why they are getting popular but the most important one is because they can be inked on any part of your body. Neck, arms, wrists, waist, buttocks, and breasts. No part of the body is ‘not suitable’ for getting yourself a kiss or a lips tattoo.
Given below are a few kiss tattoo designs that are quite in demand. You can choose one of these for yourself and get them done today.
























Neck Kiss Tattoos


The neck is of the go-to places for getting any sort of tattoo done. And the lips kiss tattoo sits well on the neck, be it a man or a woman. On similar lines, the shoulder is one of the safest places for your bold and happening tattoos like the kiss design. You can very well hide it while wearing a tee or shirt, and flaunt it whenever you want by wearing a cold-shoulder dress or top. This is best for women, although even men can pull it off quite well. Also, try getting 2 or more kiss tattoos than just one in order to improve your look better.



neck lips tongue tattoo




kiss mark temporary tattoo




lips tattoo





text lips kiss neck tattoo







Forearm & Arm



The forearm and the upper arm are also capable of carrying your lips kiss tattoos quite well. You can play around with designs and styles to add a bit of spice to your tattoos. However, if you work in a professional setting, you might want to reconsider getting a lips tattoo done on the arm. Black may not seem so, but it is an excellent color to get your lips kiss tattoo done in. Black lips are synonymous with an important and perfect appearance and imparts a sense of curiosity in the on-looker. This design is perfect for you if you sport an overall mystical vibe in your personality.


























Calf & Thigh



Similarly, the calf or the thigh is also a good enough option for your kiss tattoos. Experiment a bit around the styles like a cherry or a bullet in the mouth to up your look a bit. You can sport such style statement tattoos with short dresses or even high slit ones. Using a cherry or a bow in red colors is a sure shot way of garnering more attention to your tattoos. Also, you can shape up the teeth a little bit to give a vampire-like effect.























Buttocks & Boobs



As mentioned before, the buttocks and the breasts too can double up as good canvas for your lips kiss tattoos. In fact, these happen to be just the right place for getting such seductive and erotic tattoos done. So when you finally bring out, it will be a treat to watch.

Many people refrain from getting kiss tattoos done on private parts of the body due to their sensitive skin. However, make sure you get inked where your skin is still a little strong enough to withstand a tattoo.

The tongue seductively tracing the corners of the lips or a candy in the mouth are some of the ways you can add a little bit of style to your otherwise generic lips kiss tattoo.

Make sure you pick a monochrome design, like the examples above. The color of the tongue is red and so is the candy’s. Which is why they sit well with red lips. If you are looking to experiment with colors, use contrasting colors like blue or green so that your tattoo can stand out better than the usual ones. Also, such tattoos look amazing with cold shoulder dresses and cute thigh-high shorts.






























You can wear it anywhere



Many people assume that a kiss tattoo is always far from being ‘decent or ‘conservative.’ However, the pictures above are proof that it isn’t always so. you can easily transform a kiss tattoo into something cute and sweet by placing it at the right spot on your body, using the right colors, and styling it a certain way.


There are multiple ways to style your tattoo. You can include red beads, red flowers, or anything in red. Not only that, you can use contrasting colors like gold and black too. It is quite impressive to convey a subtle message through your tattoos, and having a design like the ones shown above does exactly that. You can tell your life story and talk about your feelings without even anyone understanding. Give a new meaning to your lips kiss tattoo, get inked, and flaunt it away like there’s no tomorrow!


























None of the above-mentioned designs will have you stand out like a sore thumb. If your tattoo is on a more revealing part of your body and you can’t show it on a daily basis, you can flaunt it with your beachwear. It is important to keep certain factors in mind before getting a good kiss lips tattoo done. You can spice it up by including props such as candies, beads, the tongue, or any other item. Use a bit of other loud colors to get a good bold effect. Also, your tattoo needn’t be confined to only one part of your body. You can extend it to entire arm or leg using the suggested props, but only if you can carry it off daily. Getting these bold and loud tattoos down will only take your looks a couple of notches higher than everyone else’s.