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Most of us know of temporary tattoos from our childhood, when we used to get them in bubble gum wrapping, or a set of them in our Christmas stockings, or even in McDonald's Happy Meals. Who remembers those?! 🙈 You might be old enough to remember the old school temporary tattoos and be surprised that they are still a "thing" nowadays.

However, they very much are! Kids aren't the only ones applying them, In fact, people of all ages use them; perhaps even more adults than children. They are being created by trendy designers for individuals who desire excellent body art without pain or permanence.

Temporary tattoos are widely available today. Temporary body art comes in a variety of forms, from customized designs to kids' goodie bags at birthday parties. Temporary tattoos are more than just a sticker for your arm, even though they don't inject ink beneath the skin.

Because they are simple to apply and remove, temporary tattoos have gained popularity over time. You can change them as often as you want. You won't have to worry about changing your mind because they are also painless and safe. They are also great to use as an accessory for any occasion. 🤩 


Our team often gets asked the following questions:

How do temporary tattoos work?
How are they made?
Why are they so easy to apply and remove?

Well, it is all about the layers - layers are king! A fake tattoo is made up of two basic elements: paper and image. The layers that make up temporary tattoos help the design stick to your skin.




It's necessary to first grasp how temporary tattoos are created before delving into how they function. The paper component of a fake tattoo has 3 layers: backing paper, a silicone release coating, and transfer film are included in the majority of temporary tattoos.


This part of the temporary tattoo has the appearance and feel of regular paper. The directions are usually printed on the back, along with any other relevant information.


This layer enables the transfer of the image. The temporary tattoo will be printed on the side of the backing paper that contains a silicone coating. The silicone discharge covering helps move the design to the skin.


The film completely covers the release coating. When water or moisture is applied, the design can "slip" off the backing paper and onto the skin.

After wetting the paper, all you have to do is wait about 30 seconds, carefully remove the paper, and you'll have a tattoo that will dry in a few seconds. Voila! You have a tattoo, and will be able to flaunt your brand-new ink!



The ink and the glue are the two layers that make up the temporary tattoo's image.


1. INK

The colorants in the inks that are used in temporary tattoos have to meet safety standards because they are applied to dry skin and can last for up to a week (or slightly longer with proper care). These requirements are the same ones that apply to food, drugs, and cosmetic colorants. Temporary tattoos may also contain extenders or drying agents, which affect how quickly the design dries and how long it remains on the skin. Before getting tattoos, do some research on the company to see if they adhere to safety regulations.


To keep the temporary tattoo on the skin and make it last, a thin coating of glue is placed over the colorants. The design stays on the skin thanks to the adhesive.

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What is the lifespan of temporary tattoos?

When taken care of properly, the majority of temporary tattoos last 3 to 5 days. However, some may last longer depending on a few factors. To learn more about: How to make your temporary tattoos look good and last longer, visit our blog post here.

Make sure to apply your temporary tattoo to clean, dry skin if you want it to last as long as it possibly can. Make sure the tattooed area doesn't constantly move or come in contact with your clothes.


Can a temporary tattoo last for a long time?

You might have a design for a temporary tattoo that you want to keep as long as possible. However, there is no way to extend the design of the temporary tattoo beyond a week or two because it sits on top of your skin.

Henna tattoos can last anywhere from a few days and a week. Semi-permanent tattoos are temporary and last one to two weeks. There aren't many temporary tattoos that can last a year or longer.

To extend the life of your temporary tattoo, you could cover it with makeup primer, liquid bandages, or hairspray. Also, try to avoid sweating too much in the tattoo area and avoid scrubbing it.

 Temporary Tattoo Seal

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Are temporary tattoos safe?

In most cases, temporary tattoos are safe. However, after applying a temporary tattoo, you should seek medical attention if you notice blisters, loss of pigmentation, redness, lesions, or increased sensitivity on your skin. These issues might not show up right away, but they might appear 2-3 weeks after the tattoo was applied.

Because FDA regulations are followed, temporary tattoos made and sold in the United States are safe. Temporary tattoos should not be applied if you have sensitive skin, a skin condition, or open wounds.Check to see that the dark ink used in your henna or other tattoos does not contain PPD.


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So there you have it peeps. If you have any questions about our Temporary Tattoos, feel free to get in touch. ☮️