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Temporary tattoos, also known as "skin tattoos," are very common in today's world because they don't require a long-term commitment.

To put it simply, temporary tattoos are a great way to get a quick tattoo without having to commit, go through pain, or spend hundreds or thousands of dollars. When you place the tattoo where you want it, it will transfer in a matter of seconds. For the next week or so, you will be rocking a brand-new tattoo that will enhance your sense of style and individuality.

There are so many wonderful designs available for temporary tattoos, which are a fantastic way to add some flair to your appearance. Nothing is worse than putting one into practice only to discover that it doesn't work out as you had hoped or that it starts to feel a little boring after a few hours. And we all know someone who's been there, done that. 🙈 🙊 🙉 

'Temporary' in both name and nature, a temporary tattoo's intended lifespan is usually a few days to a couple of weeks at most. However, you can maintain the fresh appearance of your temporary tattoo by taking a few precautions before and after application.


If only there was a way to make your temporary tattoo last longer…


Well, you've come to the right place. Yay! 😁 🎉 Below are some of our team's best tips and tricks that can help your temporary tattoo last longer. This short but sweet guide includes tips for easy application and removal as well as how to maintain your tats and get them looking their best.


So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!




Location is important

Select a location where the skin won't be continually bending, moving, or coming into contact with other things like oils. Your hands and feet have continually movable skin, which can cause your tattoo to break or fade very fast. Your hands come into contact with a variety of other things during the day, including greasy foods, creative tools, soap, and water. Your tattoo might fade too soon as a result of this constant touch.

Apply your tattoo to an area that:

  • Has little body hair (you can shave the area if necessary)
  • Doesn't stretch or bend too much
  • Won't cause friction with clothes



Before applying the temporary tattoo, exfoliate the area. Your skin's very top layer is often made up of dead skin cells that you shed or scrape off. It is more likely to peel off if the tattoo is applied directly to this layer of skin as you shed dead skin. This layer is removed during exfoliation, leaving you with smooth, healthy skin.


Apply to dry, and clean skin

Your skin's natural oils, lotions, and cosmetics can all reduce the longevity of your tattoo. They can put up a barrier between the ink and your skin, preventing the tattoo from truly sticking or being absorbed, and causing it to disappear with the lotion. Baby oil is often used to remove temporary tattoos from the skin, and since oils dissolve temporary tattoo ink, if oil is already present, it will start dissolving your tattoo immediately. Prior to tattooing, make sure your skin is dry.

  • Dry skin that is devoid of moisturizer, makeup, etc. is ideal. This will ensure that the tattoo adheres correctly to your skin.
  • Rub the area clean with alcohol before applying (or water if you're feeling lazy, as it's better than nothing).


Cut out the design

  • As carefully as you can, cut off the pattern for a smoother appearance.
  • On temporary tattoos, the adhesive is typically used to cover the area around the design as well. So, it might seem glossy on your skin.


Press down firmly

  • Apply the tattoo firmly to your skin without allowing any air bubbles to form, and keep the edges in mind too.
  • Once the transparent plastic covering has been removed, try not to move or pick it up as you apply it, as this could prevent the design from sticking properly to your skin properly.


Wetter is better

  • Wetter is preferable when applying your tattoo. You run the risk of not transferring the full pattern if the tattoo is not fully wet.
  • You'll be able to view the design through the back of the tattoo if you dab the whole tattoo (including the edges) with a wet cloth, sponge, or kitchen towel until it becomes just barely transparent.
  • While doing this, make an effort to keep the tattoo as still as you can. It might rip if you move it around too much, and the design could also come out jagged.
  • There is no need to hurry; so wait 30 seconds after the tattoo is completely wet, before removing the backing paper!



Apply lotion to seal it in

Apply some lotion to the area once your new tattoo has dried. This might lengthen the design's lifespan and stop it from splitting.


Is the tat sticky?

After application, certain temporary tattoos may feel tacky. To remove any stickiness, lightly dust the area with baby powder or translucent make-up powder. You can repeat this process as often as necessary to prevent the tattoo from becoming filthy and to maintain its fresh appearance.


Be gentle with your tat

  • Although temporary tattoos are waterproof and sweat-proof, avoid touching the area with towels, clothes, or other objects.
  • Pat the tattoo dry rather than wiping or touching it if it gets wet.


Removal (no lasers involved 😜)

  • Temporary tattoos can be removed with alcohol, make-up remover, temporary tattoo removal wipes or baby wipes.
  • We found the best way is to apply alcohol to a cotton ball or pad:
  • Make sure the pad has absorbed a decent amount of alcohol. l
  • Hold the pad on your tat for 20-30 seconds, and then wipe.
  • Repeat this process over and over, and your tat will come right off. The trick is to hold the pad so the tattoo softens and breaks down, making it easier to wipe off.


Tattoo Icon Temporary Tattoo Removal Instructions

So, there you have it peeps. Now you know how to make your temporary tattoos last longer. 🤩 


In conclusion, temporary tattoos are a terrific way to test out an idea or the look of an inked body part without committing. It is a lot of fun while also assisting you in making an educated decision about the future of your skin. The time it takes for the temporary design to fade will give you plenty of time to look into alternatives for getting permanently tattooed should you decide that you really love your temporary tattoo and want to make it a permanent addition.


Till next time! ✌️ ☮️ 


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