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Knuckle tattoos are very cool!

When it comes to finger and knuckle tattoos, the tattooing space is quite limiting. However, putting ink on one of the most visible spots on the body can make a significant and quite bold impression. But before we look at some knuckle tattoo designs, let’s cover the basics.

Important things to know about finger tattoos

Before anything, you need to make sure that this type of tattoo is what you really want. You also need to make sure that the tattoo artist of your choice is actually into giving finger/knuckle tattoos, as some tattoo artist avoid them. The reason for that is finger tattoos don’t imprint well in the skin and the color fades sooner than with other tattoos.

This happens because hands come in frequent contact with water. The skin around the fingers sees a lot of movement over the bone and is largely devoid of fat, etc. So be ready for a more frequent shop visits for touch ups to revive your fading finger tattoo.

Also, getting a finger tattoo can be more painful than tattooing body parts that have greater fat and muscle density. Because of the lesser muscle and fat presence around the fingers, the needle of the tattoo machine is directly working around the bones and knuckles of your fingers.

Knuckle tattoos meaning

First time a knuckle tattoo made a strong impression on the wide public was in 1955, thanks to ‘The Night of the Hunter’ movie and the character of Reverend Harry Powell. Today it is a very common tattoo design, among both men and woman. Some people use their knuckles to tattoo drawings and images, others to add letters and numbers. 

The knuckle tattoos give you a bit tough and rugged kind of look, which is why they are not for everyone. Therefore make sure that this tattoo design is what you really want, as it will be impossible for you to hide it later.

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Knuckle tattoo designs 

As we pointed out previously, fingers aren’t the best place for detailed tattoo statements. Avoid ideas and designs that are so fine the ink bleeds or breaks apart and you can barely figure out what it says.

Our advice for the best results is to keep your finger/knuckle tattoo designs as simple as possible. There are three common knuckle tattoo designs:

Knuckle tattoo fonts

When choosing a font for your knuckle tattoo, make sure it’s a proper size. Size depends on the proportion of your finger flesh.

Knuckle tattoo words

If you are considering getting a word tattoo then best to go with less than 10 letters. You can go for four-letter words on both knuckles or you can choose an 8 or 10 letter word for a complete knuckle tattoo  Some of the most powerful knuckle words tattoos are: SELF MADE; LOVE HATE; STAY TRUE; HOLD FAST; TRUE LOVE; THUG LIFE, etc. To make the tattoo meaningful, you can combine these words and make your own knuckle tattoo.

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Knuckle tattoo symbols 

When it comes to knuckle symbols the choice can go from numerals

to Knuckle Viking Runes tattoos:

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Knuckle tattoo ideas



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