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If you're having trouble deciding on a design, are needle-phobic, or simply have trouble committing, this post is for you!

Getting a tattoo is a significant commitment, whether it's a small "spur-of-the-moment" tattoo or a large back-piece you've been planning for years. Why? because tattoos are both irrevocable and permanent. That's why temporary tattoos are a great way to experiment.


 Sak Yant Yantra Tattoo Set Back Piece


Temporary tattoos are a fantastic solution for those who will never want a permanent tattoo.

Whatever your motivation for choosing a temporary tattoo, you'll want to make sure it feels good and looks real. People have always enjoyed keeping up with new emerging trends, and nowadays, getting a tattoo is considered a 'cool' thing to do. So, why not get a temporary one to begin with?

If you want to have fun or experiment with your appearance without experiencing any discomfort or regretting getting a permanent tat, temporary tattoos are the perfect option. They are conveniently offered online; come in the shape of paper sheets that are applied to the skin with a little water, and work like a charm! Your tattoo is ready in a matter of seconds (no exaggeration). Beats sitting in a tattoo parlor for hours, right? 😉 


Large Mangala Underboob Sternum Geometric Temporary Tattoo

Photo Credit: @leslie


Temporary tattoos are and can be used for:

  • Test driving your next tattoo
  • Covering up scars
  • Photo shoots
  • Television, film and theater
  • Themed parties
  • Marketing your business
  • A faster alternative to face painting
  • Personalized party décor
  • Affordable nail art
  • Makeover mannequins in retail stores or sponsored events
  • Pranks


Here are our top 10 reasons for getting a temporary tattoo or tattoos:


1. Minimal commitment

This is the main reason people choose to get temporary tattoos, and it is also the most obvious one. There is no need to worry if you get bored with the design or placement, and change your mind, as temporary tattoos can last up to 10 days max. There are ways to get rid of permanent tattoos, of course, but doing so can be painful, costly, and leave unattractive scars.


2. Test drive your next tattoo

If you're thinking about getting permanently inked, temporary tattoos are a terrific way to experiment with the style, size, and location before committing. In essence, you may experiment with it as much as you like until you're completely prepared to commit to the real deal.


 Tiger Lily Temporary Tattoo Arm Sleeve

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3. Easy to apply and pain-free

Traditional and permanent tattoos may cause you to reconsider your decision due to the significant amount of pain involved in their application. People also run the risk of getting an infection when they get permanent tattoos.

Whereas applying temporary tattoos is a breeze, and there are no needles involved. Phew! You can follow the instructions with ease, and have a brand-new tattoo within minutes! Voila! Boom Baby! 💥 


4. Economical

You wouldn't believe how affordable temporary tattoos are, in addition to the stunning designs that are available! They cost a lot less than permanent tattoos, and they all come at reasonable prices.


5. Complement outfits and costumes

Temporary tattoos are a unique and entertaining way to accessorise clothing for specific seasons or occasions. They are also a wonderful addition to any cosplay or Halloween costumes.


Viking Costume Temporary Tattoo

Photo Credit: @jasonmgorksi


6. Safe for kids and adults

As everyone is aware, getting a tattoo hurts. Incorrect sterilization of the equipment might be potentially harmful. However, you won't need to be concerned about any poisons escaping into your bloodstream while using our all-natural ink. Temporary tattoos are real tattoo designs made on special tattoo paper using screen-printing technology and non-toxic waterproof inks.

As we know, kids usually go crazy over wanting to stick tattoos and stickers all over themselves. So, for your parents out there, temporary tattoos are the perfect answer, as the ink and glue used for temporary tats are safe for children's delicate skin and won't harm them. So, if your kids won't stop pestering you about getting a tattoo, a temporary one is THE BEST. If they are safe for kids, they are safe for us adults too. 😊 


Mike Tyson Tribal Temporary Tattoo Kid

Photo Credit: @felicia


7. Variety of designs

Temporary tattoos come in a variety of designs. Every time you go to a party, you can show off a brand-new design, which is one of the main benefits of temporary tattoos. Permanent tattoos, on the other hand, restrict your options, as you are stuck with one design for the rest of your life.


Skull Roses Clock Temporary Tattoo Ribs
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8. Effortless Removal

A temporary tattoo looks great when you have to go to an informal event like a party or wedding. However, having a tattoo on your body may not look good when you are in a formal meeting with clients at work. As a result, temporary tattoos are preferred and more popular than traditional ones. When you return from a party, you can remove the temporary tat just as easily as you applied it, meaning you can be Amy Winehouse or Slash for a whole evening, and go back to being your usual, professional self the next day in the office. 😉 


9. Prank a family member

This is a great prank for you if you have conservative parents or relatives who have a sense of humor. Just show them your new temporary tattoo and act like it's real. They might be upset at first, but when they find out it's fake, they'll have a good laugh or at least a big sigh of relief. We did a photoshoot with one of our team members and covered him in tattoos. He went home from the shoot, and his mom almost had a panic attack, thinking he had gotten his entire torso, arms, and face tattooed. 😊 

 Gucci Mane Face Temporary Tattoo

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...and finally...

10. We have a fantastic selection

…of temporary tattoos, which you can check out here. If you want to try some out, we would be more than happy to help you! 🖤