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You would have learnt a little bit about the well-known television program Arcane and one of the main characters, Vi, if you had read our previous piece. For those of you who may not have watched the show or played the game, we'd want to tell you a little bit more about Vis' younger sister Jinx and give you more background on their narrative.

Here is a short summary:

Netflix's recently created animated series "Arcane" has been a huge hit. The series has been made as a prequel to the hugely popular video game franchise "League of Legends". Arcane genuinely fills in the gaps in the video game's narrative, with an exciting narrative full of surprises and characters who evolve as they face difficult challenges.


Netflix Arcane characters

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The main characters of the story are sisters Vi and Jinx, who take part in a conflict between crime lords, repressive governments, and inventors but fight on opposing sides. The foundation of "Arcane," which developed on their genuinely intriguing, intensely dark plot, was the interplay between Vi and Jinx. There is more than enough potential to develop the lore around their complex relationship. Even though they are sisters, their lives have taken very different turns; while Vi fights crime, Jinx has chosen to embrace destruction and chaos.



Jinx (VIs younger sister) was born as Powder, who later becomes an infamous felon. Here is her story in short.

Powder and Vi were orphaned after the failed uprising in the oppressed underground city, where their parents were murdered. The rebel leader adopted them and trained both of them on how to fight.

Powder was an innocent kid, however, she was teased for being clumsy. Even though Vi’s friends thought of Powder as a ‘jinx’ due to her clumsy nature, her sister Vi always defended her, which is why they have always had a close relationship. Due to this flaw, Powder was insecure and lacked self-esteem. Some children whose caretakers are absent, often develop a disorder such as an 'anxious-preoccupied attachment style', which was exactly what affected Powder. These characteristics left Powder particularly susceptible to influence by anybody who connected with her later in life.

Powder permanently changes her and Vi's life after she accidentally kills Vi's friends and their adoptive father, all while trying to save lives, just like her sister. A series of events that transpired afterwards led to Powder and Vi growing apart from one another, which then caused Powder to become an unstable murderer which we will touch on in a bit. After being knocked unconscious, Powder woke up believing her sister had abandoned her during the toughest time.

Jinx and Powder together


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The main villain took Jinx in and turned her into a criminal, due to Jinx being manipulable as a child. However, Jinx's objective is to establish herself as a villain by being loyal to the person who saved her; and to show herself that she does not need her sister, who allegedly abandoned her. Therefore, Jinx's weapons, will be directed at anyone who gets in the way of her achieving this objective. Out of all his assets, the one he considered most lethal was precisely Jinx - a sociopathic murderer with nobody else in her life and nothing to least this is what she was led to believe.

With Jinx, you never know what will happen next. She is spontaneous and unpredictable, acting only on impulse and motivated by chaos and revenge. This has earned her the nickname 'the loose cannon'.

Despite her transformation into Jinx, a murderer, she still has some Powser in her, and she still has a strong devotion and longing for her sister Vi, despite the fact they are always battling for dominance.

Powder takes the name Jinx because of Vi's last words to her, in anger, branding her a ‘jinx'.


Did you know Powder comes from the colour of her hair, which is powder-blue?



For any "League of Legends" fans reading this, you'll be aware that Vi didn't originally come with a sister in her 2012 debut. However, in 2013 Jinx was added to the champions roster. Along with Jinx came a line spoken by her sister Vi, that had been leaving gamers guessing for years: "You believe I am insane? You ought to visit my sister!" This says it all.

Without regard for the repercussions, Jinx loves to cause mayhem. Jinx is tremendously quick, extremely lethal with her two firearms, and only interested in creating as much chaos as she possibly can. She possesses a lightning pistol that she may use to cause twice as much damage from her bullets' explosions as they would otherwise cause and has actually named her rocket launcher Fishbone. Both the game and the show feature Jinx's punk DIY mechanical chompers and machine gun.


Fishbone Rocket Launcher Jinx

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Jinx is a skilled warrior who uses her tech-focused abilities to defend herself and others when necessary, always putting herself first. She has trouble trusting people now because she has been on both sides of the law so often in the past. To give an example Vi once said that if you saw Jinx three times in a day, then you were undoubtedly being hunted.


“Volatile explosives are a girl’s best friend!” - Jinx


Jinx was left with permanent side effects from a serum that was intended to give her a temporary boost after she went through a horrendous experiment to save her life. This gave her superhuman strength, speed, and durability that were above the capabilities of a regular person. However, it also left her with an even more severely deteriorated mental state.

Despite lacking a formal education, Jinx eventually learned how to build a variety of devices and weapons using her own creativity and resourcefulness. She's also capable of quickly reverse engineering technology using only a research journal.

Many old-time fans may have noticed that Jinx's pink eyes are not present from the start in Arcane. Her eyes are blue throughout for the most part. However, her eyes do change colour when she is under a lot of stress at certain points. Jinx's eye colour reflects her mental state.



Whether we are talking about the League of Legends Game or ArcaneSeries, Vi is stronger than Jinx. While the disparity between Vi and Jinx in League of Legends is not as great, Vi still appears to be much stronger than Jinx in Arcane.


Vi and Jinx sisters together

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Video game culture and tattooing already very much go hand in hand; if you are into video games, then you have probably noticed many well-known characters have stunning or at the very least recognizable tats. League of Legends and Arcane are no different.

Some of us get inked for the sake of art, while others wish to have meaning-bearing pieces. While Jinx's tattoos may look simple and a little childish, her tats may be the ones with the most significance. Her tattoos symbolise her subconsciously calling for her older sister, as suggested by the blue cloud forms adorning her arm and chest.


Jinx Tattoos Clouds

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As Jinx has changed over the years, so have her tattoos. To understand the importance of these cloud tattoos, we should consider Jinx and Vis's separation. Mostly, they're a representation of Vi-a symbol of her unceasing longing for and desire for her sister's rescue.

Vi gave Jinx a flare gun at one point in the narrative and instructed her to fire it to summon Vi to help her. Years later, Jinx did fire the flare pistol, and clouds of blue smoke were unleashed that matched her tattoos, which she got as an adult.

Jinx and Vi are two sisters with very different personalities who find themselves at odds with each other; they are torn apart by an underlying rivalry. Jinx is an anarchist with a belt full of bombs but no filter, while Vi - is a strong Enforcer. Jinx has long, blue hair, whereas Vi has short, pink hair. As we know, Aracane tells the turbulent journey of two sisters, although rivals, both sisters still have a deep love for one another. After all, it was a chain of events in their lives that lead them to believe the other was an enemy. Even after Vi hears that Jinx is loyal to a villain, she refuses to believe it; Vi knew that the Jinx she once knew, or rather – Powder was still in there, somewhere.

Jinx Blue Cloud Flare Gun Signalling for Vis help

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These two sisters have a rocky relationship and couldn't be more dissimilar from one another; each is a lethal fighter in their own right. We all clash with siblings, however in their case "clashing" involves grenades that include teeth, rocket launchers and huge boxing gloves.

Powder / Jinx is one of the most intriguing characters in Arcane (or at least we think so 🤩 ) and we hope this post has been a useful, yet concise guide which has taught you a little more about her. And for those of you who are fans, we hope you enjoyed reading our take on Jinx.


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