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Some of you may be familiar with the series and may have seen this character around, some of you may have not. So, we would love to share a bit more about the ever-popular show, Vi (one of our favourite characters) and of course - her tattoos. Arcane's immersive and interesting story line has captivated a large number of audiences worldwide since October 2021. Not to mention the animation itself, and the stunning character design, which have left a lasting impression on fans. The attention to detail, and diverse cast of the characters as well as their environment is one of the aspects of the show that has wowed it's viewers (us included). šŸ¤© It has even been called ā€œa masterpiece of animationā€ and we totally second that!Ā 

Vi Arcane Animated Character

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Some of you may already be familiar with League of Legends, the world's most popular multiplayer online battle arena video game, on which the new TV show Arcane is based. Arcane draws us into the story of Jinx and her sister Vi, two of the gameā€™s most recognizable characters.

The story begins in showing us how the sisters grew up on the streets of two cities that represent both - technological utopia and dystopia, and how they find themselves at odds after being separated when they were young.

Did you know Arcane means "mysterious" or "secret"?!

If you are interested in magic, fantasy, and/or history, then we most definitely recommend you watch it, as the show delves into the theory and history of magic.


Meet Vi (born Violet) - she is a main character vigilante who grew up on the streets and quickly became known for 'lashing out'. She briefly led a gang in her youth and quickly learned to survive by using both her intelligence and her fists. Vi is armed with a pair of lethal armoured gloves that can easily punch through buildings as well as people. Vi was always in the thick of things wherever there was a scam to be planned, though she never stole from those who couldn't cover the loss...and never inflicted pain on those who didn't deserve it. No-one from her childhood could tell her anything about her parents as most people assumed they died in an accident; so Vi had ended up in a run-down orphanage.

VI Cosplay Costume Fancy Dress Temporary Tattoo
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As she grew older, she formed her own gang and met a mentor who helped her overcome some of her more destructive tendencies. He reinforced her moral code by teaching her how to fight with discipline and how to channel her rage more effectively. Vi soon earned a reputation for getting things done without hesitation.


As Vi had no memories of her childhood and no recollection of her family because she was orphaned at such a young age. When she was asked what her name was, she didn't know, so she was known by the letters tattooed on her face: Vi, which is the Roman numeral for 6. When Vi was an inmate she was known as Inmate 516 which was a reference to her name in Roman numerals VIVI.

Vi Arcane Temporary Face and Neck Tattoo

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As for the machinery tattoo on her neck...well Vi wasn't a scientist or engineer who are better known for having tattoos of machinery (like her sister Jinx). However, Vi had a lot of faith in her sister's ability with gadgets, and although Vi is an extremely strong character, her sister is what kept her strong when she was beaten countless times by the guards. Their reunion is what holds everything together. Both Vis and Jinx symbolise their relationship as sisters through their body art; Vi's strength and Jinx's longing.


Vi was introduced as a playable character in the game League of Legends in 2012. Her abilities have remained the same since then. Her fighting skills are enhanced by large gauntlets (which encompass magical technology) on both hands to boost her punching power. She is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and able to dodge most punches.


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VI Arcane Fancy Dress Costume

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